Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Facebook post Jan 5, 2016

While there are likely people who will think us foolish, selfish, or just plain wrong to air such news on Facebook, Archie and I have decided to share with our community, in this way, some news about our family. We have chosen this venue because it is difficult for us to talk to everyone before the news is shared by others. Simply put we would like to make sure our story, in our words, is out there because our children will talk about it and it is our hope that they will encounter understanding and love.To you adults:
Archie and I have decided to separate. While we remain committed to each other’s success in life, and full of mutual respect for each other, we will be living apart. It was not an easy decision or one taken lightly, but rather one that is rooted in what we believe to be our best chance at being and becoming healthy individuals and the best possible parents to our children. In reality we are working on conscious uncoupling, a process that is rooted in compassion. For us it is a slow, purposeful, kind and respectful way of ending or changing a relationship. It is our hope to build each other and our family up through this process.
To our children we said the same thing but in their terms:
We know how important it is to be healthy. We work very hard at being healthy. We eat good foods and we exercise to make our bodies healthy. We read and learn new things to make our minds healthy. And we speak kindly and act nicely to each other to keep our hearts healthy. There are other things that adults need to be healthy as well. Right now Mommy and Daddy need to work on those adult things to be healthy (our kids know there are adult things that they will learn when they grow up so this is not a strange concept to them). Mommy and Daddy tried to work on them together, but it did not work. So we have to work on them apart.
We are sorry if we did not speak to some of you personally before posting this. It was not due to lack of desire to talk to our friends, but rather a time constraint as our children know and will want to share their news with their community. It is also a daunting task to speak to everyone about something that remains painful for us.
Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you in advance for your love and support. It has not been an easy time for our family, but we remain optimistic about the future and believe that good things are in store for our family, no matter what our family dynamic might look like.