Monday, October 3, 2011

Cheers to Brian and Amy

My dearest friend Amy, I post this so that you may know and Brian may be reminded just how awesome you are and that he really is the luckiest guy I know.  I love you Amy!   And Brian, well you are growing on me!

October 2, 2001
Amy French weds Brian Korich

In the spirit of our younger years, when we used to make up top 10 lists for one another (yes, just like David Letterman used to do)…I have made up a top ten list.  Since Amy is well indoctrinated in the top 10, this one is for Brian, so here are the…

Top 10 Reasons Brian is lucky to have Amy in his life

10.  Amy is laid back about time – for Amy the clock is only a gentile suggestion – so dinner at six has a two hour window built in!  What this means for Brian is that Amy will not be upset if he is late for dinner, she won’t likely be there anyway.  Perhaps what Amy knows and the rest of us need to learn is that “among life’s great regrets is all the time wasted being early for everything.” 

9. Amy is all about family and friends – all of those here today are a testament to how much Amy and Brian both cherish their family and friends. You may not know this but Amy put her whole self into this Wedding, she thought of each and every one of us during the planning. What this means to Brian is that you have a partner who takes your family and your friends as her own.

8.  Amy is diligent – Amy is an A student, actually she is likely an A student without trying but instead of taking the easy A she works her tail off, making sure everything is perfect and thus assuring herself the hard A.  What this means for Brian is that Amy is a hard worker, never taking the easy road if the better one requires some elbow grease, Amy does not fear hard work…it also means you get to join her in this so roll up those sleeves Brian.

7.  Amy loves to laugh – I never have a conversation with Amy where she is not laughing at some point, she seems to find humor in all kinds of situations.  What this means for Brian is a household full of laughter.  I think you will both find that laughter really is the best medicine for what ails you, so no matter what comes your way if you can laugh together everything will be fine!

6.  Amy is a great listener – she is a constant communicator, great with phone calls and texts, always keeping in touch.   What this means for Brian is that you have a partner who hears you, you just have to talk!  No problem there right?  But it means that you have a real listener as a partner.  Now I cannot guarantee that if you talk about the same thing over and over that her eyes will not glass over, but I would bet good money that she heard you the first and even fourth time and will remember what is important to you (unless it has to do with tooth pain or furniture then all bets are off).

5.  Amy is a planner – just look around you at this beautiful celebration, Amy makes lists, checks them twice, talks to people about them, worries about them, and then ultimately executes her plans beautifully.  What this means for Brian is that you should just sit back and let her do her thing because look they turn out wonderfully.

4. .  Amy is fiercely loyal – although Amy is very forgiving when those around her injure her; hurt her friends or family and you would be better off wrestling bears than tangle with Amy.  What this means for Brian is that he has found a loyal partner for life, and a fiercely protective mama bear should any cubs join them in the future.

3.  Amy is beautiful – come on look at her, she is hot!  What this means for Brian is that he gets to spend the rest of his life waking up with this sleeping beauty, sitting across from such loveliness, and having this sexy lady as his partner.  Not too shabby!

2.  Amy has a heart of gold – she thinks of others always, she cares about even the smallest of those who come into her life, she always has time for the children around her, she runs a hotel for stray cats just outside her front door compete with heating pads, fresh food and water, and she even hand feeds ailing reptiles.  What this means for Brian (other than haveing his lizzards well attended to) is that his partner is empathetic and will always think of others, including Brian, before herself.

And the #1 reason Brian is lucky to have Amy in his life…

1.  Amy is perfect for him – if the previous 9 reasons don’t have you convinced, then just look at them.  They really do complement each other perfectly.  What this means to Brian is that Amy is not just the Yang to his Ying but she is the filter to his fish tank, the salve to his cat scratched sofa and the heart to his beat.

So if you would join me in raising our glasses to Brian’s good fortune in finding Amy, may their life continue to be filled with beauty, loyalty, love and laughter!